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What I do

Hi, my name is Daniel and I'm a self-taught Photographer. Based in Munich but home in the world. I'm specialized in vivid and authentic portraits & street photography, I offer a journalistic as well as business portfolios and individual solutions for your projects. In case you are curious what you can expect from a shooting, click the following link.

My Philosophy

The bread and butter of a successful photographer is not only being able to take great pictures, It's about how you make the individual in front of the camera feel and capturing the right moment

Photography became so accessible over the last years and I'm glad it did. Nevertheless, it means that a modern photographer must be more than just a pure artist.

A deeper understanding about how and for what the pictures are going to be used and how the person who hired the photographer can gain the most out of their investment, became just as important as taking pictures themselves -

You need to be able to catch an emotion, to make the viewer feel what's intended and deliver an experience.


The portrait shoot

Personal, authentic Portrait pictures, Business- and Portfolio shootings in town. Your photographer on location, that can put you in the right light even without a studio.


The traveling photographer: I come from Munich, but I also love to be on the go. That's why I not only know the best places in Munich for portraits or application photos, but also love to find the best backgrounds for your shooting requests in a new environment during spot hunting.

Unique like You

No scheme f .: Every person is unique, has nuances and traits that the photographer can frame. Regardless of whether you need the pictures for an actor agency, your model sedcard or as application pictures: authenticity/"realness" is most important and capturing exactly that is what being a photographer is about.

Point of view

As a photographer, having the right lens on hand for every shoot is key. For the classic portrait, popular for actors, a narrow fixed focal length with a blurred background, up to an ultra wide angle for playful portraits and to tell a story with the entire background - I got you covered.

Different locations

Born and living in Munich, I know exactly which corners are perfect for portraits or application photos. I also love to switch things up and keep changing locations during a shooting. When I travel I am always looking for exciting backgrounds and if you have an idea for your portraits, all the better!

Immidiate Preview

You choose your pictures yourself after the shoot in your own, password protected online gallery.
And if you're curious how the photos turned out, and would you like to post something on your social media channels on the same day: If you wish, I can send you pre-edited portraits on the very same day of our shooting.

Work together

As a photographer, I love a challenge! That is why we exchange the portraits and photographers that you like best before the shooting and a closer look into what you define as a perfect portrait. Which business headshots impress you? Which actor portraits move you?
Let's get the best out of your shoot.

My Blog

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I write about life, about the things that we care about on daily bases, obviously about photography and of course, about what makes all of this important in the first place.


The business report

My goal with Business Photography is to offer my customers a package, that would get them all the pictures they possibly need.

Be it portraits, interior or details for social media, simply the material you'll ever need for your venture.

Core concept

I don't want to take stock photography or advertising photos of your company, which you can get in image databases and wouldn't need a business photographer for. Instead, together we will find the delicacies that characterize your company, regardless of whether it is a small craft business from Munich or an international organization.


I don't want to take stock photography or advertising photos of your company, which you can get in image databases and wouldn't need a business photographer for. Instead, together we will find the delicacies that characterize your company, regardless of whether it is a small craft business from Munich or an international organization.

An eye for detail

Let us impress your customers with exciting detailed shots. From an imposing collection of law books to fascinating macro shots of cake ingredients: As a business photographer, I deliver timeless images for social media channels, your website, brochures or specialist magazines, that you'll be able to use for years to come.

The swift photographer

I am flexible and mobile for your company. If you want to tell a more detailed story of your establishment from different points of view, with different stages of production. I am at the different spots of Interests as your photographer. For Example: How about a report from creation, transportation, to the storefront?

Get the most out of it

As a business photographer, but also as a self-employed individual, I understand, especially in expensive cities like Munich, that an investment must be worthwhile. It is therefore important to me that you get maximum value from your images. I have a network of social media consultants and web designers and I am happy to give you tips on how to best use the images.

The people in focus

With roots in portrait photography and storytelling, when I'm hired as a business photographer, I like to focus on those actors who are behind a service or product.
Those who refine their skills over the years and revolutionize processes for future generations:
Your employees and the faces behind your product and I want to frame and show them.


Portrait Coaching

How do I create an image composition, what do I set my camera to achieve a nice depth of field, or when do I use which lens?

To answer these questions and to help you take the photos that you already have in your head but are not quite able to get into the box.

My passion

I specialize in outdoor available light portraits, as a business and reportage photographer. That means, I don't work inside a fixed studio, I go out, chase the perfect light, hunt for the perfect urban background and that's exactly what I aim to teach.

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Let's talk

It is important to me that I am the right coach for you. Do you want to work professionally or just for private purposes? Are you starting your own business and want to create your own social media presence? Let's talk about it, without obligation of course.


Happy customers

Whether in Munich or anywhere in the world: As a portrait photographer but also as a self-employed person: Nothing is more important to me than being able to stand behind my work 100%. That's why I'm only satisfied with your coaching when you are too.

Professional, Application Portrait made in Munich featuring the Portrait, Actor, Headshot and Business photographer Daniel Schubert and the Actor Pat Wind.
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